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Mortgage Refinance in Florida

Want to reduce your mortgage rate, change your interest rate format, or consolidate debts?

Refinancing your mortgage can help you to achieve these or other goals, bringing financial flexibility back into your life.

America’s Mortgage Solutions helps homeowners throughout the state of Florida to refinance quickly and affordably.

Why Refinance Your Mortgage?

The possible benefits of refinancing your home loan depend on your individual scenario. But here are some of the possibilities:

  • Start paying a lower interest rate on your mortgage.
  • Stop paying an adjustable interest rate, locking in a fixed rate instead.
  • Stop paying a fixed interest rate, and pay an adjustable rate if it benefits you.
  • Get rid of your mortgage insurance.
  • Change the length of your mortgage.
  • Consolidate debts.
  • Tap into home equity.
  • Renegotiate terms of your mortgage.

Scenarios Where Refinancing in Florida May Be Beneficial

For many homeowners, it is not easy to know when to refinance. Will the benefits outweigh the costs?

That is again a question where the answer depends on your individual needs. We can help you calculate how much money you could potentially save with a refinance when you contact us for your consultation.

But in the meantime, here are some examples of scenarios where we might recommend a refinance.

Maybe you originally applied for a mortgage with a much lower credit score and income. You now qualify for better rates. Refinancing could allow you to start paying those lower rates.

Have interest rates dropped? Refinancing might allow you to pay today’s lower rates instead of the rates you locked in years ago. In some situations, you also might be able to reduce your loan term without your monthly payments going up much.

Has your adjustable rate mortgage become expensive? Would you be paying less if you had a fixed rate mortgage with today’s rates? We can help you refinance to those rates.

Perhaps you just discovered that you will be moving out of your home in a year or two. Refinancing could save you money with a low introductory rate on an adjustable rate mortgage if you have a fixed rate mortgage currently.

You pay for mortgage insurance, and you want to drop it. Your equity makes that possible, but you might need to refinance to make it happen.

You have a lot of high interest debts that you do not expect to pay off anytime soon. You want to reduce the interest rate on them to save with a refinance.

Other situations also exist where refinancing may be helpful.

Keep in mind that sometimes, however, you do not have to refinance to make changes to your home loan. Simply recasting may be all you need to do for an adjustment in loan term, for example.

We can help you to examine all of your options during your consultation. We want to find the avenue that will be most affordable and convenient for you.

Refinance and Save Now

If you think it might be time to refinance in Florida, America’s Mortgage Solutions can walk you through the process. Please call (561) 316-6800 to schedule your consultation. We work with homeowners in North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and beyond.

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Brian Sharkey
Brian Sharkey
14:35 22 Sep 21
When you need a local lender as the customer it is important to look for someone who can be organized and prepared for any local issues that can ruin a deal, know the community and how to get you funded on time. Meet Marni from Christian Penner Group for an amazing experience. I recommend you contact her she will call you back shortly.
Jeffrey Zananiri
Jeffrey Zananiri
12:55 14 May 21
Christian and his team provided a stress free, white glove service. Highly recommend.
Jack Dixon
Jack Dixon
18:06 01 Apr 21
Working with Chris + team was incredible! They reduced our anxiety and stress levels, were tolerant and patient throughout the entire process, and got the deal done in breakneck speed. We're extremely happy in our new home. Highly recommended!
Kathy Letourneau
Kathy Letourneau
22:42 14 Feb 21
Beverly Boyett was my representative and she went above and beyond in assisting me with my Refi. She DID what she said she would do... and MORE! Can't express how kind, efficient and knowledge she was. I will definately go back to Hamilton in the future with any home financing needs.
Anthony Messina
Anthony Messina
22:25 12 Feb 21
Americas mortgage solutions does such an amazing job . Christian and his staff make refinancing about as seamless as it can be . They stay in contact with you if you need a question answered a fast reply is always there. Submitting all the forms was very easy also. They do whatever it takes to make sure your needs and concerns are met. Your name is always mentioned when I hear people talk about a mortgage .so thanks Christian, Becky , Kirstin and Diana sorry if I missed anyone ! for all your help in addressing my concerns AWESOME TEAM !!!
Jordan Volgs And More
Jordan Volgs And More
15:00 03 Feb 21
If you are having difficulty getting a good deal on a mortgage, I would highly suggest that you contact ‘Christian and his amazing team. They will simply get things done that other companies cannot. And to top it off, his team makes it an absolute priority to get the deal done on time. Do not hesitate to contact Christian.